Why 2022 is Investing in the Metaverse

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    The metaverse is projected to be worth more than $800 million by 2028. This makes sense when you consider Facebook’s shift into the metaverse and their $10 billion investment towards its growth. If you are looking to make a similarly smart investment, claiming your share of the metaverse is an excellent choice.

    But what exactly is the metaverse? What are the benefits to investing in it? Read on to answer these questions and to get the run-down on how you can begin staking your claim in this large market.

    What Is the Metaverse?

    In the most basic terms, the metaverse is an iteration of the internet as one single virtual world. This world would be created by augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, would be 100% immersive.

    People could navigate it as they would navigate their day-to-day lives in the real world, socializing with other VR versions of real people. In some cases, people could even hold careers and visit foreign lands within the metaverse. All they would need to do is put on their headset and experience Rome, London, or their daily office job.

    Currently, the main applications of the metaverse are in gaming. Gamers enter a network of virtual 3D worlds and form social connections with one another over their favorite platforms.

    However, the metaverse is expanding past gaming. Mark Zuckerberg is taking Facebook into the metaverse and other platforms seem to be quickly following suit. The current popularity of these virtual worlds as well as their projected growth makes metaverse investing a great financial choice.

    Why Is Metaverse Investing a Good Idea?

    The metaverse is a place of limitless possibilities- after all, physical restrictions do not apply. This makes people interested in all that it has to offer, which leads to growth. There are many statistics that back up this interest and overall push towards the metaverse:

    • Experts estimate that the metaverse can offer about $1 trillion worth of revenue
    • About 60,000 people currently actively use metaverse tech
    • Facebook invested over $10 billion in the metaverse in 2021
    • The metaverse was mentioned more than 84,000 times on social media throughout 2021
    • Those who make video games have about $413 billion worth of metaverse-related revenue opportunities in the coming years
    • An average plot of metaverse land costs about $2000, but the figure is constantly increasing

    All of this shows that there is no time to invest like the present. Investors also commonly find the metaverse thrilling, and the rate at which it’s growing generates even more interest. While investment always comes with risk, an industry projected to grow by over $300 billion by 2024 seems like a solid investment.

    Connections With Large Companies

    In addition to Facebook’s lofty investment, other large companies have begun to stake their claim within the metaverse.

    Amazon and Microsoft, two world leaders in technology, are known for developing tech products quickly and effectively. This means that the metaverse may become mainstream sooner rather than later. If you can’t afford to invest in these companies, you can instead invest in the metaverse and encourage development.

    Plus, since companies like Nike are already engaging in metaverse real estate investing (and trying to trademark things), you can join the ranks of these large industry behemoths in the early days of the metaverse.

    Affordable Stocks

    Some major metaverse stocks are being sold fractionally. This means you wouldn’t invest in a $2000 plot of real estate, but rather could buy 1/10 of it for $200. The metaverse is an investment for those with many different budgets because you can do so for a very small amount of money.

    How to Invest in the Metaverse

    At this point, you may be wondering, how can I invest in the metaverse? How can I reap its benefits? 

    There are multiple ways that you can begin making these smart investments. The first step is to talk to an investment planning professional about your financial objectives. Experts can help you navigate various ways to invest based on your expectations and goals for the investment.

    You will likely have the chance to discuss two primary investment strategies.

    The first of these strategies is investing via exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These are pooled investments that operate as a mutual fund where users can buy shares of the metaverse. They’re highly diversified so that investors can buy shares with lower risk.

    Some investors choose to buy up as much virtual “land” as possible so that they can own enough lots to have a broader claim to the metaverse. Those who invest in more digital space have power within the metaverse. More importantly, though, they have greater chances to grow.

    Another way to invest is by gaining exposure to VR through digital assets. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the main form of payment inside the metaverse and can get you exposure to the virtual world and all it has to offer. Investors can gain exposure to the metaverse by verifying ownership and making purchases within its VR.

    Invest in Wealth Management Services Today

    While there are a plethora of great investment opportunities in 2022, the metaverse is one of the best. These investments are projected to have a high ROI so that you can grow your wealth and diversify your portfolio.

    Now that you know some of the reasons that investing in the metaverse is a good idea, it’s time to begin getting expert financial advice. Bogart Wealth offers experienced investment management and financial planning services that can help you to increase your wealth. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have on the metaverse and to get independent financial advice today.

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