Cash management, online access, reporting, tax
docs, analysis — and advice.


Bogart Wealth provides the following services to each client, in order to provide a high level of convenience and assurance.

Cash management services

Central to an integrated wealth management relationship, cash management solutions provide a range of deposits, payments, and funds transfer capabilities through personal service, online channels and mobile devices.

Online access

For 24 hour access to your accounts.


Monthly Statement

Received all in one envelope, with a cover summary page.

Quarterly performance reviews

Reviewing your account’s performance quarterly.

Annual tax summaries

Summarizing annual gains and losses in IRS schedule format.


Advice and Analysis

We also make ourselves available to provide advice and analysis across a wide array of issues. Clients often rely on us as a valued resource before reaching final decisions on many of their most meaningful financial questions.

Retirement planning analysis

  • When can you afford to retire?
  • Can you stay retired?
  • Tax reduction strategies.

Lump sum distribution analysis

  • Roll or not roll to an IRA.
  • Special tax treatments.
  • Net unrealized appreciation.

Stock option analysis

  • Incentive stock options.
  • Non-qualified options.

Estate planning analysis

  • Estate tax reduction strategies.
  • Utilize charitable giving to help reduce taxes.

Investment Management

  • Well-known managers in-line with your risk tolerance.

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Net Unrealized Appreciation

Based on IRS Code Section 402, retirement plan participants may consider a net unrealized appreciation (NUA) strategy as a means

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