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Fastest-Growing RIA Firms: Assets, Clients, Locations – Michael Taffe
August 4, 2022

This article from Financial Advisor IQ breaks down the rankings from the SmartAsset research findings on the trends and growth in RIAs across the country, where Bogart Wealth was listed as the second fastest-growing financial advisory firm.

America’s Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisors (2022) – Jason Bisnoff
August 3, 2022

CEO James Bogart is listed as #34 overall in Forbes’ 2022 list of America’s Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisors and #1 in the state of Virginia in Forbes’ list of Best-In-State Next-Gen Wealth Advisors.

Bogart Wealth Listed in SmartAsset and Financial Advisor Magazine 2022 RIA Rankings, Surpasses $2B in AUM
July 27, 2022

In this news release featured in MarketWatch, Bogart Wealth announced their inclusion in Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2022 RIA Rankings and SmartAsset’s list of the Top 50 Fastest-Growing Financial Advisor Firms. They also announced 6 new hires and that they recently surpassed $2B in AUM.

Houston Business Journal reveals finalists for 2022 Fast 100
July 26, 2022

Bogart Wealth was named a finalist for the Houston Business Journal’s list of the fastest growing companies in the Houston area based on their revenue growth between 2020 and 2022.

2022’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Financial Advisor Firms – Stephanie Horan
July 25, 2022

After comparing 729 RIA firms, Bogart Wealth comes in second in this list of fastest growing firms in the country featured in Yahoo! Finance, based on growth in AUM and client accounts over the course of the past three years.

12 Fastest-Growing RIAs in the US 2022 – Michael S. Fischer
July 25, 2022

ThinkAdvisor features Bogart Wealth’s ranking of #2 on SmartAsset’s list of the 12 fastest-growing RIAs nationwide, having grown 135% since 2019 to $1.9 billion AUM and 5,166 client accounts in 2022.

Top 50 Fastest-Growing Financial Advisor Firms – 2022 Edition – Stephanie Horan
July 21, 2022

Read the results of SmartAsset’s 2022 study determining the fastest growing RIA firms in the country, where Bogart Wealth was listed as #2 overall.

Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2022 RIA Survey & Rankings: Goodbye To All That  Eric Rasmussen
July 15, 2022

Bogart Wealth was listed in Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2022 RIA Survey & Rankings, listing the top 534 Registered Investment Advisory firms in the U.S. by assets under management. Bogart Wealth ranked #241 on the nationwide list of largest RIAs and also ranked #34 in FA Mag’s list of the Top 50 Fastest Growing RIA Firms.

Swift Chats Podcast: Compilation Episode from the Morningstar Investment Conference 2022 – Jonny Swift
July 5, 2022

CIO Aleksandr Spencer is featured in this Swift Chats podcast episode by Impact Communications. He chats with Jonny Swift about his highlights from the event, Bogart’s recent growth and success, and the understanding of clients and client behavior that underlies their process.

James Bogart of Bogart WealthFive Things You Need to Be a Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times  Yitzi Weiner
June 30, 2022

CEO James Bogart was interviewed as part of Authority Magazine’s Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times”  series about his journey in the financial services industry, as well as his philosophy on growing a company and leading a firm through uncertain times.

Why You? How RIAs Can Establish their Value to Gain Competitive Advantage – Justin Mack
June 27, 2022

This webinar from Financial Planning features CEO James Bogart as a panelist discussing how to build a firm foundation of trust with clients and develop a strong value proposition to set yourself apart from other advisors.

Aleksandr Spencer, CFA® Interviewed in the Social/Digital Hub at the 2022 Morningstar Investment Conference – Jonny Swift
May 18, 2022

In this video interview from the Social/Digital Hub at the 2022 Morningstar Investment Conference, CIO Aleksandr Spencer discusses recent market volatility, behavioral aspects of clients during the pandemic, the recent growth and success of Bogart Wealth, his experience at his first ever Morningstar Conference and more.

Most Americans Think They Can Afford Their Retirement – Kerry Hannon
May 9, 2022

In this article in AOL about many workers being upbeat about having enough money to live throughout retirement, CEO James Bogart explains how Americans can better save for retirement. 

James Bogart Named a Top Financial Advisor in Barron’s and Forbes Annual Rankings 
April 19, 2022

In this news release featured in Yahoo Finance, Bogart Wealth announces that CEO James Bogart was recently ranked as a Top Financial Advisor and Best-In-State Wealth Advisor in annual lists released by both Barron’s and Forbes.

In Her Own Words: CFP Sandra Terronez re-enters Covid workforce – Ellen Sherberg
April 14, 2022

In this bylined article in Bizwomen by The Business Journals, Senior Financial Planner Sandra Terronez writes about how the pandemic has affected her personally and professionally, discussing re-emerging as a professional while facing a unique set of challenges.

Everything Is Cyclical & Inflation As Public Enemy Number One – Oliver Renick
April 13, 2022

In this video interview on TD Ameritrade Network, Chief Investment Officer Aleksandr Spencer gives his macro market analysis, discussing how the market is cyclical. He also weighs in on inflation, monetary policy, and economic activity.

yahoo finance logo | Bogart Wealth

Expert: ‘Very few Americans are adequately prepared for retirement’ – Kerry Hannon
April 11, 2022

In this article in Yahoo Finance, CEO James Bogart explains how Americans can better save for retirement and take advantage of the “Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2022”, known as the SECURE Act 2.0.

Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors (2022)
April 7, 2022

Forbes and Shook Research selected CEO James Bogart as one of Forbes’ “Best-In-State Wealth Advisors” for 2022, ranking #12 in the state of Virginia.

Bogart Wealth Included In the 2022 InvestmentNews Best Places To Work for Financial Advisers Rankings
April 5, 2022

This news release from Bogart Wealth, featured in CityBiz, discusses the firm’s inclusion in the InvestmentNews 2022 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers rankings, and also announces new hires, open positions, and Bogart’s new office space.

Want to Unload That Investment Property? What Advisors Recommend. – Cheryl Winokur Munk
April 4, 2022

In this Barron’s article, Senior Vice President Nell Cordick explains why taxes should be a major consideration when selling an investment property. “When people haven’t done the proper tax planning ahead of time, they are shocked at the tax results of selling an investment property. What they thought would be their net [proceeds from the sale] is much, much lower because of the tax consequences.”

Retirement: How the SECURE Act 2.0 helps with ‘the most important part’ of saving, Bogart CEO says – Brian Sozzi
March 31, 2022

On this live broadcast, CEO James Bogart joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the House passing the SECURE Act 2.0 and what that means for Americans’ retirement savings.

Making Extra Payments on Your Mortgage? Experts Say You May Want To Do This Instead. Jon Reed
March 23, 2022

In this article for NextAdvisor by TIME on alternatives to making extra payments on your mortgage, Chief Investment Officer Aleksandr Spencer explains that, “The reality is that all debt isn’t created equal. Some, like mortgages, depending on certain factors, can offer some big-time economic advantages,” and says you may be better off investing that money instead.

How Advisors are Talking to Their Clients About Crypto Cheryl Winokur Monk
March 22, 2022

In this Barron’s article discussing how advisors are talking to their clients about cryptocurrency,  CEO James Bogart explains that at Bogart Wealth, the focus is risk tolerance, and therefore “crypto can be a portion of the portfolio, but you’ll never find us with a concentrated exposure to any one investment class, including cryptocurrency.”

Barron’s 2022 Top Advisors: Top 1,200 and Best-In-State
March 15, 2022

CEO James Bogart was selected as one of Barron’s Top Advisors for 2022, listed among the top 1,200 nationally and ranking #12 overall in the state of Virginia. Factors in the rankings include: assets under management, revenue produced for the firm, regulatory record, quality of practice, and philanthropic work

Why Moving to a State with Low Income Taxes Could Cost You  – Cheryl Winokur Monk
March 2, 2022

In this Barron’s article, CEO James Bogart says that income tax can’t be considered in a vacuum and that other types of taxes, including estate tax, need to be considered for overall financial well-being. “Many decisions in life are part financial, but also part emotional. We need to properly assess as many implications as possible,” he adds.

InvestmentNews 2022 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers
February 17, 2022

Bogart Wealth was selected by InvestmentNews as one of the best places for financial advisors to work in 2022. The program recognizes financial advice businesses that create meaningful work experiences for all their professionals and value a commitment of excellence to both their employees and clients.

8 Questions to Help You Choose Your Niche as a Fee-Only Advisor BB Webb
October 25, 2021

This article for XY Planning Network cites Michael Kitces’ #FASuccess podcast where he recounts how CEO James Bogart nearly doubled his firm’s assets under management in a pandemic environment by leveraging educational webinars that addressed issues specific to his niche.

Michael Kitces’ #FASuccess Podcast: James Bogart on the Benefits of Online Educational Webinars for Clients – Michael Kitces
September 23, 2021

CEO James Bogart was interviewed on Michael Kitces’ podcast featured on WealthManagement.com, detailing how Bogart Wealth used targeted multi-niche online education for clients to scale $1 billion of organic growth in under five years. 

#FASuccess Ep. 243: Scaling $1B of Organic Growth in Under 5 Years with Targeted Multi-Niche Online Education with James Bogart – Michael Kitces

August 24, 2021

This episode of Michael Kitces’ Financial Advisor Success podcast on Kitces.com features CEO James Bogart describing how he established his firm and grew his client base, as well as how he used educational webinars that address specific niche issues around employee benefits for those who work in the energy sector to inform clients and create a funnel for referrals – ultimately resulting in an almost doubling of the firm’s AUM.

2021 Inc. 5,000: America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
August 11, 2021

Bogart Wealth was featured on Inc.’s 2021 list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America thanks to 40% growth over the course of just 3 years.

Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors and America’s Next-Gen Advisors (2021)
February 4, 2021

Forbes and Shook Research selected CEO James Bogart as one of Forbes’ “Best-In-State Wealth Advisors” in Virginia, as well as one of “America’s Top Next-Gen Advisors” for 2021.

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