When it’s time to plan for retirement, transfer your wealth to the next generation, or investigate your best options, you should ask tough questions.
We believe the answer is Bogart Wealth.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services representatives take a highly customized approach to working with each client – taking the time to understand your complete financial picture, hearing about your opportunities and concerns and learning about your aspirations for yourself and your family.

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We Believe the answer is Bogart wealth

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Are their recommendations based purely on what’s best for you?

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Do they offer you insight, experience, available option – or just sell to you to serve their bottom line?

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Do giant financial firms really serve your interests?

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Ever question the loyalty of your advisors?

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Are their recommendations based purely on what’s best for you?

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Our independence means your interests are placed above all else.

We are required to act according to our fiduciary duty. As a fiduciary, we are held to the highest standards of conduct and have a duty to not only act in the best interests of our clients, but also to provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts to our clients and a duty to avoid misleading them. 


Are Your Dreams Unique?

Our family, now in its fourth decade of advising successful executives, entrepreneurs and families, understands that every situation is different. Our approach is to fully understand your dreams — not just your “risk profile” — and then to present you with the options that best serve you, unfettered by the restrictions and agendas of a big institution.


Take a look at the latest insights straight from our resource center. 

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About Us

Form CRS: Financial Professional Relationship

Form CRS is designed to help you clearly understand the nature and cost of services you receive from your financial professional

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Tax Optimization

Federal Income Tax Filing Due Date Approaches

The due date for federal income tax returns and payments is Wednesday, July 15, 2020. No interest, penalties, or additions to tax are incurred by taxpayers during this 90-day relief period.

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Education Planning

The ABCs of Finance: Teaching Kids About Money

It’s never too soon to start teaching kids about money. You can teach some simple lessons today that will give them a solid foundation for making a lifetime of sound financial decisions

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Retirement Planning

ExxonMobil Discount Rates: Your Pension Benefit Commencement Date (BCD)

One major decision for ExxonMobil households is whether to take their pension lump sum or pension annuity and determining their pension benefits commencement date.

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