Ever question the loyalty of your advisors?
Do giant financial firms really serve your interests?
Are their recommendations based purely on what's best for you?
Do they offer you insight, experience, resources and every available option - or just sell you products that serve their bottom line?

When it’s time to plan for retirement, transfer your wealth to the next generation, or investigate your best options, you should ask tough questions.

When you do, the answer is Bogart Wealth.

Why RIA?

Our independence means your interests are placed above all else.

Registered investment advisors (RIA) are held to a fiduciary standard by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Unlike broker-dealers, who are held to the lesser “suitability standard,” we are required to act solely in our client’s best interest. We like that. Our fees are transparent, so you can be confident that we are accountable to you in everything we do. We wish every institution could make these statements, but they cannot. We have selected Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. to be our custodian, bringing all the resources and expertise of one of the world’s leading RIA custodians to all of our clients.

Why Bogart?

Are your dreams unique?

Our family, now in its fourth decade of advising successful executives, entrepreneurs and families, understands that every situation is different. Our approach is to fully understand your dreams — not just your “risk profile” — and then to present you with the options that best serve you, unfettered by the restrictions and agendas of a big institution.

Is a Boutique Right For Me?




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