Seeking Investment clarity in a complex world

Every decision we make has at its core the best interests of our clients. The clarity of this simple approach has served us well.

In today’s increasingly dynamic, ever-more complex market environment we believe it takes expert, in-depth analysis, world-class intellectual capital and a huge range of services and tactical know-how, plus a global reach — in order to maintain that focus and sustain success. And that’s just what we’ve built at Bogart Wealth.

Our advisors work as a team — your financial team — applying a wide range of skills and experience to each client’s particular situation and goals. Working with Charles Schwab as our custodian, we offer access to a huge range of services, extensive analysis capabilities, intellectual talent, and global presence and reach — all focused on one clear goal: achieving your dreams.

Investment Management Services

Investment management services help you set up a short- or long-term strategy to handle your financial assets. The services empower you to create investment goals and determine the steps necessary to achieve them. They also encompass banking, budgeting, and tax planning. 

The experienced Investment Management Services team at Bogart Wealth has been a leading Northern Virginia and greater-Houston fiduciary since 2016. We take the time to learn about your investment goals and develop a custom plan to achieve them. 

Why Do You Need Investment Management Services?

Bogart Wealth puts our clients’ interests first. We fully understand your investment goals — not just your “risk profile” — and present the options that serve you best. Having an investment management company in your corner takes the guesswork out of investing in shares, bonds, and other securities.

A professional investment manager will help clients meet their financial goals by offering guidance and support in several areas, including:

Risk Management

Investing involves risk, regardless of how you allocate your money. An investment management company explains the risks associated with any investment. The company can detail the pros and cons of different opportunities and helps you make informed decisions. 

Industry Insights

Your time is limited, but you want to learn as much as you can about investment opportunities. An investment management company evaluates your current investments and keeps an eye out for new opportunities. The company provides insights you can use to get the most value out of your portfolio. 

Portfolio Diversification

Global crises can undercut the value of your investments. An investment management company helps you diversify your portfolio, seeking to guard against market fluctuations.

The company can teach you about different investment opportunities, help you weigh the pros and cons, and ensure you make choices you can feel confident in. 

Investment Management Solutions

We offer a full range of investment management services highly customized to our clients’ wide-ranging needs. The expertise of the Bogart Wealth team is the foundation of all our services and informs everything we do for our clients. Those services include:

Financial Planning

We develop a multifaceted financial plan that encompasses your investments and includes personalized recommendations. Our team will monitor the results of your plan and continue to explore ways to optimize it. 

Investment Monitoring

We track your current investments and provide an online client portal that details their performance. Our team then uses these insights to provide data-driven investment recommendations. 

Portfolio Strategy & Implementation

We build an individualized investment portfolio strategy. Our team can execute your investment portfolio strategy, track its results, and seeks to maximize its returns. 

Why Bogart Wealth Is Your Trusted Partner for Investment Management Services

Bogart Wealth simplifies investment management. Our team is happy to meet with you to help build and maintain your investment portfolio with a focus on striving to perform to the highest standards. Our fiduciary duty requires us to place our clients’ interest first; our loyalty would allow nothing less. 

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Northern Virginia and Greater Houston’s Go-To for Investment Management Services

Investment management can be challenging, but Bogart Wealth is ready to guide you to meet your financial goals.  Our team can help you weigh the pros and cons of investment opportunities and turn them into a plan that delivers returns.

Let us help you map out your financial future. Contact Bogart Wealth to speak with an expert about our wealth management services.

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