Why Work With Bogart Wealth?

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    Experience and Advice

    • Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) and Wealth Managers with hundreds of hours of additional training
    • Very familiar with major oil company Retirement Plan Benefits, NUA, Savings Plans, Incentive Programs, Pension Lump Sum and Senior Executive Plans
    • Brian Bogart holds the Accredited Wealth Manager designation at RBC Wealth Management, requiring additional training in the investment/advisory business
    • 30 years’ experience
    • You will receive regular and ongoing consultations to help with plan optimization
    • We help you with concentrated stock risk management strategies

    We Listen

    • We learn your goals, plans and unique issues
    • We provide World-Class Complimentary Wealth Management Planning designed to provide you with income for life
    • You receive customized strategizing on tax planning, estate planning, cash flow, risk management
    • You hear from us on a regular basis

    Our Clients

    • Are sent to us through referrals
    • Have a minimum of one million of investable assets with us
    • The majority are major oil company employees or retirees
    A Bogart advisor working with a client

    Your Money is Safe

    • The Charles Schwab Corporation is one of the nation’s leading providers of financial services. Strong credit ratings from Morningstar (A+), Moody’s (A2), S&P (A) and Fitch (A).
    • Through Schwab, your account is insured for $150 Million

    Portfolio Management

    • Top-rated, no-load funds and index ETF’s are used in order to design portfolios with a goal of top performance
    • Portfolios are risk managed focused to help minimize volatility
    • Discretionary management to help reduce your stress
    • Your account information is posted daily via online access, monthly via statements and quarterly via performance reports
    • Regular meetings with you to discuss your progress toward your goals

    We Know Social Security

    • Complimentary customized education on when and how to maximize benefits
    • Proprietary software provides customized analysis
    • Be our guest at our Social Security update seminars

    Competitive Fees

    • Complimentary wealth management and retirement planning at no cost
    • Ongoing advice and strategizing at no cost
    • Unbiased fee-based account management with very competitive and reasonable fees
    • No commissions, no loads and no ticket charges on our managed accounts
    • We utilize no-fee CORE accounts, with no cost to custody assets

    Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

    Work with a financial advisor who puts your needs first.

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