Stay-at-Home Spouse? Consider a Spousal IRA

In a two-parent household, it’s common for one spouse to stay home with the children. This can even be a good financial decision, given the increasing cost of childcare. However, it can create a potential problem when it comes to retirement; stay-at-home spouses don’t have the same access to employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Plus, since Social Security is determined based on how long you work and the salary of your highest-earning years, stay-at-home spouses may qualify for a much smaller benefit. Depending on the working spouse’s benefits, a stay-at-home spouse may be able to opt into spousal benefits instead, which are half of the principal spouse’s benefits.

One solution that can help stay-at-home spouse’s plan for retirement? A spousal IRA.

What is a spousal IRA?

A spousal IRA is any IRA account funded for a spouse who earns little or no income. A spousal IRA doesn’t necessarily need to be a separate account—you can use the same IRA you contributed to while working. The funds simply stay separate from your spouse’s IRA account from a tax perspective.

In 2024, for example, you can contribute $7,000 per year to an IRA if you’re younger than 50. You must have earned income to qualify. A married couple younger than 50 would be able to contribute $14,000, regardless of whether both spouses earned income, or just one.

Participation in employer-sponsored retirement plans (such as 401(k)s) can impact the contribution limits around spousal IRAs and whether contributions are tax deductible. (This applies to Roth accounts and traditional accounts.) Be sure to check the most recent IRS guidelines; they’re updated annually.

If you’re curious about whether you qualify, or want to know more about IRS guidelines in the current tax year, contact a Bogart Wealth Advisor.

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