Our Team

Everyone at Bogart Wealth is a part of the team.

For over 30 years, we have taken great care to build a collegial, cooperative culture as well as a diverse set of skills, experience, qualifications and licenses. Working together, we apply our combined expertise and know-how to each account.

Get To Know Us
Brian Bogart, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Portfolio Management Director
About Brian
James Bogart, CFP®, ChFC®
Portfolio Management Director
Financial Advisor
About James
Peter Knoer, CFP®
Vice President – Financial Advisor
About Peter
Michael Duffy
Vice President – Financial Advisor
About Michael
Grant Stucki, CFP®
Vice President – Financial Advisor
Financial Advisor
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Michelle Dubay
Director of Operations
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George Musselman
Financial Advisor
About George
Angie Hooks
Client Services Associate
About Angie
Hal Frankel
Portfolio Analyst
About Hal
Aleksandr Spencer, CFA
Portfolio Manager
About Aleksandr
Richard McMahon
Client Services Associate
About Richard
Trey Fraim
Client Services Associate
About Trey
Mindy Harbour
Client Service Associate
About mindy

When you work with us, you will find that not only will you enjoy an extremely high level of service from our wealth managers, but that our boutique size enables multiple advisors to become familiar with you — and your financial plan. This is a huge benefit, providing multiple layers of oversight, institutional (vs. individual) knowledge of your financial strategy and a greater number of minds attending to challenges and solving problems.

We think of ourselves as each client’s personal wealth management team. We’re there for you as a group, working together to ensure your success.