We strive to ensure your interests
are places above all else.

Investment Management

Seeking clarity in a complex world.

Every decision we make has at its core the best interests of our clients. The clarity of this simple approach has served us well for over 30 years. In today’s increasingly dynamic, ever-more complex market environment we believe it takes expert, in-depth analysis, world-class intellectual capital and a huge range of services and tactical know-how, plus a global reach — in order to maintain that focus and sustain success. And that’s just what we’ve built at Bogart Wealth.

Our advisors work as a team — your financial team — applying a wide range of skills and experience to each client’s particular situation and goals. Working with Charles Schwab as our custodian, we offer access to a huge range of services, extensive analysis capabilities, intellectual talent, and global presence and reach — all focused on one clear goal: achieving your dreams.

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Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the specific requests and needs of the client.  Bogart does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Bogart does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products. If the client desires, one of Bogart’s representatives, in their separate individual capacities, can be engaged to be provide insurance sales/services as described on Bogart’s written disclosure Brochure (a copy of which is available upon request), per the terms and conditions of a separate engagement and compensation.

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The Fiduciary Standard

Bogart Wealth is held to a fiduciary standard. As such, we are required to place the interests of our clients above our own — this is the one of the highest standards in the industry. We strive to ensure our interests are perfectly aligned with our client’s, as expressed through our transparent fee structure and our focus on client success, rather than on simply selling more services.

Goals and Dreams

Before we advise any client, we get to know them. We need to understand what they’re trying to achieve in life, what they might want to pass to their families, what they desire to do in retirement and other goals. We view these ends as the real drivers of our investment strategies, which we then craft in partnership with our clients, with a view to achieve dreams — not just the right risk profile.

We also communicate with our clients regularly — and often proactively. Our advisors like to ensure that client investments are not only performing well — but that client goals and dreams are being served by their portfolios. As markets shift and volatility arises, we may contact affected clients to discuss options, but we also need to know when personal objectives shift, too. Many life changes produce risks and opportunities that we can help clients address.

Our Approach to Investing

Our process begins with an in depth review of your financial situation. Whether you are planning for your golden years, achieving a dream, building wealth or want to plan for the organized transfer of intergenerational wealth, we customize a strategy for you.

Everything we do is custom-tailored to suit a client’s particular situation, goals and dreams. We are also proactive and easily accessible. You will hear from us, as we monitor your portfolio in real time.

Overview of our approach

Focus on client goals — this has guided our business for over 30 years.

Teamwork — we have built a culture of cooperation in order to bring the widest array of talents and expertise to every client’s plan.

Process-driven execution — no matter the plan, our processes are finely tuned in pursuit of optimal performance.

Extensive manager assessments — we engage a broad array of investment managers, maintain records of past analysis and continually review and score their performance.

Innovate — we offer creative solutions to suit client needs.

Access — access to exclusive products and services available only via Charles Schwab.

Insight — we offer direct access to advisors across a spectrum of skill sets, qualifications and experience.


We have invested in portfolio management tools and services designed to closely monitor client investments in real time. We also offer all the resources and insights available via Charles Schwab, one of the world’s leading custodian for RIA’s.

Our advisors are equipped and qualified to act on your behalf when we see an opportunity or a threat.

These investments also help us to generate high quality reports and other documents related to your investment portfolio for regular updates, including tax forms and other standardized documents.

Risk Management

With goals established, we turn to an unlimited array of instruments, unfettered by certain restrictions often placed on large wire-house advisors. Once initiated, we observe and analyze every investment, providing proactive communication, regular, comprehensive reporting and highly responsive service.

Every investment involves risk. We use a variety of approaches to manage it:

Asset allocation — utilizing cash, bonds, Large Cap Growth, Large Cap Value, Mid Cap, and International Growth categories.

Invest long-term — we recommend long-term investing and do not suggest trying to time the markets. Although we periodically reduce exposure to hot sectors and rotate funds to out of favor sectors, we never let emotional decisions replace rational judgment. We believe sticking to the plan can provide superior returns.

Equities — we believe in value-oriented equity research with the overall purpose of managing risk while maximizing returns.

Monitor progress — we monitor the private portfolio managers weekly and compare progress to their peer groups and respective benchmarks. In addition to the monthly statements, daily Internet access, and quarterly performance summaries, we will discuss client progress at least quarterly.

Manager Analysis

We monitor and analyze a large number of third party managers. This ongoing process involves the following components:

Extensive engagement — we monitor thousands of managers of managed accounts, mutual funds and ETF’s.

Detailed analysis — investment capabilities, resources, process, philosophy, personnel, infrastructure and controls are considered.

Formal governance — investment decisions are run through a structured process before an experienced committee.

Library — we collect the published analysis of many managers, and make their writings available both to our advisors and to clients.

Continual review — we have invested in technology that tracks our investment products over time, and we also maintain multiple contacts with investment management teams.

Screening and scoring — we employ a sophisticated process designed to point to products that may outperform indexes and peers.

Discipline and Process

We believe long-term success requires a process that aids both in the selection of investments and the adherence to a strategy. We employ a four step process, which we believe enables appropriate investment selections, monitors performance and balances an adherence to plan with the sometimes necessary capability to adjust in real-time.

Our process

Objective setting — We get to know you and help you develop a plan based on your specific situation, goals, timeline, risk tolerance and personal preferences.

Strategic planning — Your advisor will help you pull together an asset allocation model and diversified investment strategy.

Investment evaluation — We’ll narrow down a huge universe of opportunities to the plan that’s built just for you.

Ongoing review — We assess your performance regularly, often proactively acting or contacting you during market events that might present challenges — or opportunities. We also help you adapt your strategy should your objectives shift.

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