Financial Planning Services

An essential component of any wealth management plan is ongoing awareness of new information, trends, opportunities and threats.  The world we live in is constantly changing, and as a result the financial advisors of Bogart Wealth encourage clients to maintain awareness, even years after initial financial planning is complete. A shift in IRS tax code, interest rates, or even in expected life-spans might impact an existing financial plan and prompt a meeting with your financial consultant.

For these reasons, the financial advisors of Bogart Wealth encourage clients to stay informed, while keeping a close eye on a wide variety of factors that could affect retirement plans and wealth management strategies. Financial education – along with regular meetings with your financial consultant – enables you to take advantage of new opportunities while avoiding any looming pitfalls.

An example of the sort of development which might cause people to adjust their plans is the advent, in some parts of the world, of negative interest rates. While it appears unlikely that US rates will go into negative territory, the idea that they might – and the reality that places like Japan and parts of Europe actually are experiencing negative rates – has prompted a rash of articles and interest around the world. You can read our view on the issue in this section, which also explains how it might affect our clients.

Our goal for this section of our website is to draw attention to socio-political trends, changes in financial instruments, new laws and other developing factors which could potentially affect you. All of which may be worthy of consideration when you sit down to work with your financial planner.

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