Estate Planning

Bogart Wealth is a multi-generational company. Our culture is focused on preserving, growing and transferring wealth, particularly for families. Many issues arise as families struggle to find the best path forward. We believe that our own perspective and experience is unequalled in this area. So when you sit down with your team of Bogart Wealth financial advisors, particularly to discuss estate planning, you can be confident that every potential instrument, strategic approach and tactical detail will be considered as we work to ensure your estate plan achieves your vision and goals for your family.

Many of our clients are just as focused (if not more so) on making sure their heirs are provided for than on their own retirement plans. Our clients generally understand that without an estate plan, their assets, and in some cases medical care decisions, will be handled by the state in which they reside. For these reasons alone a comprehensive estate plan is highly recommended. But there are other benefits to formally establishing an estate plan.

With proper financial planning, the burden of taxes can be minimized, as well as the necessity of cash outlays, property transfers and other burdens which otherwise might fall to your heirs when you die. In addition to minimizing the negative impacts of transferring assets to the next generation, your investment advisor can help you maximize the value of your assets when your estate transfers.

There is a great deal to consider, of course, so we’ll be posting our thoughts and observations on estate planning issues and related topics in this section.

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